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Brooklyn Heights Synagogue is an inclusive, caring, Jewishly diverse community dedicated to lifelong learning and to caring for the world and each other. All are welcome to worship, study and celebrate with us. To learn more about us we welcome you to read our BHS Mission Statement.

To watch our live-streaming services, click here to see when we will be broadcasting next and to watch our services, when offered.

We are happy to report BHS has officially purchased 127 Remsen Street (the building next door). We look forward to expanding our space and community. To learn more visit our Capital Campaign page.


BHS Spring Fundraiser: Coney Island Night at BHS

 Step right up for the BHS Spring Fundraiser where we'll take you back in time to Coney Island's golden days. The evening will feature a mentalist, contortionist, live music, and old-timey games (not to mention delicious food and cocktails!) - all at Brooklyn Heights Synagogue. 

Get your tickets now!

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to help support the Mishloach Manot Project! 
“The same days on which the Jews enjoyed relief from their foes and the same month which had been transformed for them from one of grief and mourning to one of festive joy. They were to observe them as days of feasting and merrymaking, and as an occasion for sending gifts to one another and presents to the poor.” -Esther 9:22


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to see the BHS community at the Jewish Rally for Refugees in Battery Park this past Sunday!

hoto taken by Dan Roberts

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 to watch "I Am A Refugee"


MLK Service 2017



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volunteer at BHS shelter

Volunteering at the Shelter is not hard or scary. We give you very clear instructions and there are always people to help.  For more information about our shelter, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .