Bursting With Activity

You may have noticed how busy our building has become. Different activities take place in every room — preschool, religious school, adult learning, meetings, receptions, the homeless shelter, and above all, religious services. In fact most rooms are used multiple times throughout the day causing significant wear and tear on our facilities and strain on our staff.


A New Building to Grow In / Some History 

We were exploring renovation plans for 131 Remsen Street, when the building next door (127 Remsen Street) became available for sale. Taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we purchased the building to provide for flexible growing space to meet our congregation’s growing needs.

In 2016, we launched a $250,000 matching gift campaign offered by 8 generous donor families. The matching campaign was extremely successful and raised over $300,000, exceeding our original objective.

Over the past year, a Board-appointed Building Project Committee, led by Scott Sager and Rachel Loeb, worked closely with the vetted architectural firm of Sage and Coombe to develop a Master Plan for BHS, utilizing both the newly acquired 127 Remsen Street property and 131 Remsen Street’s home. Community input was gathered, needs were assessed and legal and architectural considerations were reviewed. At the High Holy Days, a few visual representations of what might be possible were displayed to the congregation. Formal reports on the Master Planning process and results will be made soon.

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Rachel Schnoll and Stephen Yankauer | 718-809-3863 / 718-809-3839

Lauren and David Smetana | 917-545-5381 / 917-520-8043

Jennifer Zaslow

Sue Gold
718-522-2070 x122

Donors (as of December 7, 2016)


Marcia Bellows and Allan Brilliant
Jennifer and Paul Germain
Miriam Katowitz and Arthur Radin
Stephen Yankauer and Rachel Schnoll


Steven Cohen and Lisa Melmed Cohen
Marjorie and William Coleman
Mark and Anne Landman
Peggi Einhorn and Michael Lasky
Bobye List
Scott Sager and Sharon Nelles
Lauren and David Smetana


Geri and Cynthia Armine-Klein
Andy and Maggie Ball
Marcia and Michael Beck
Cliff Fonstein and Nadia Burgard
Melissa Glass and David Black
Steven Guterman & Betty Leong-Guterman
Karoly and Henry Gutman
Anita and Richard Inz
Michele Kirschbaum
Keith Kleinick
David and Stacy Kramer
Joel and Susan Leitner
Victoria Westhead and John Levy
Deborah Speyer and Rabbi Serge Lippe
Mary Lu Bilek and Aaron R. Marcu
Michele and Kenneth E. Newman
Diane Person
Jeremy Primer and Sandra Wertheimer
Lynda Davey and Alan Schiffres
Leslie and Andrew Schultz
Gabriel and Jolie Schwartz
Howard and Cate Shainker
Bob Weiss and Susan Chadick
Michael and Barbara Zimmerman
Beth and Scott Zucker


Kieran Beer and Melissa Benson
Jamie and Matthew Bloom
Sheryl Buchholtz
Jack  DeHovitz and Lisa Goldfarb
Lisa and David Dince
Amy Epstein
Lawrence and Nina Epstein
Rhonda L. Epstein
Bruce Feiler and Linda Rottenberg
Nathan Cummings Foundation, Inc.
Jennifer and Morgan Gebhardt
Jane Smith and Jeffrey Ginsberg
Andrew and Jennifer Gordon
Ilene and David Jaroslaw
Mark Katz and Jennifer Zaslow
Joanne Witty and Eugene J. Keilin
Paul and Stacey Leibowitz
Wendy Lebowitz and Joel Nowak
Jennifer and Jeffrey Powers
Rabbi Hara Person and Yigal Rechtman I
John and Jennifer Richardson
Robert Schachter and Wendi Lazar
Barbara Deinhardt and Dan Silverman
Andrew and Paula Smiley
Diana and Nelson Tebbe
Lisa Cohen and Win Thin
Vicki and Andrew Wittenstein


David and Sarah Abramowitz
Hilary Ackermann & Paul Goldberg
Ellen and Martin Adelman
Andrew Akers & Jennifer Wilkov
David and Barbara Arky
Dr. Morrell and Maria Avram
Emily and Andrew Berger
Howard Bernstein and Cindi Leive
Jan Erica Bertisch
Harvey Besunder
Alison Besunder and Allyn Arden
Justine and Jason Block
Zachary Block and Rachel Loeb
Karen Brody
James and Jessica Brown
Pamela and Steven Brown-Inz
Myriam Bucatinsky
Alexandra Burgansky
Barbara Charton
Gregory Clarick and Jodi Hauptman
Jack Cohen z”l
David Cohen and Andrea Feller
Jonathan Kopp and Nancy Cohen
Ben Davis and Catherine Sloane
James and Diana Deutsch
Gary DeWaal
Jude Eidenberg
Nina Essman and Jon Freeman
Linda Feldman and Jack Wright
Shanna and Todd France
Judith and Paul Fried
Mark and Marjorie Fuerst
Hayley and Ryan Geftman-Gold
Brian and Joy Gelbman
Natalie Green Giles and Douglas Giles
Jay Weiner and Alyson Gill
Laurie and Dan Ginsberg
Kitty and Herbert Glantz
Susan and Steven Gold
Jaimee and Josh Gordesky
Karen and Bob Gordon
Frances Gottfried
Sherri Greenbach and David Goldstein
Babette Krolik and Harry Greenwald
Ellen Pemstein and Dan Haft
Lynn Harmon
Mrs. Diana and Mr. John Herzog
Daniel Horwitz and Shari Hyman
David Houts and Becky Berman
Randi Jaffe and David Roe
Edward Janger and Victoria Eastus
Rabbi Molly Kane & Michelle Citrin
Pam & Josh Karlin
Evan Benjamin and Mallory Kasdan
Andrea and Ed Kopel
Lisa Kopel-Hubal and Todd Hubal
Howard and Lauren Korman
Nancy L. Lazar
Susan Leboff and Bruce Weiner
Rebecca and Maxwell Leighton
Anna and Adrian Leipsic
Mark Lenetsky and LouAnn Smith
M. Lipman and A. Brunetto-Lipman
Steve Locke and Laura Edidin
Ann and Mitch Lowenthal
Steven and Brooke Lucks
Laura and Charles Mardiks
Andrew and Bethany Martin
Gary and Monique Marton
Marcia Ely and Andy McKey
Maureen McLeod
Ariel Zwang and Gordon Mehler
Stephen Merkel and Robin Shanus
Jane S. Meyers
Eliza and Minor Myers
Craig Nerenberg and Phoebe Taubman
Michiko Neufeld
Harry and Sydney Neuhaus
Stephanie Neville
Ray Ojserkis and Dr. Gina Taylor
Sandy Palley-Brandt
Paul Hinton and Andrea Phillips
Lauren and Benjamin Polen
Boris and Jennifer Rapoport
Joyce Raskin
Evan and Suzanne Roberts
Maxine L. Rockoff and Wesley Clark z”l
John Romanow
Olivia Sohmer and Daniel Rosenbaum
Sylvia Rosenberg
Patricia Rosenblum
Javier and Shana Ryzowy
Stephen and Christy Sacks
Jennifer Rosen and David Salpeter
Debra and Michael Sapp
Sheila B. Scharfman and Will Socolov
David Schiff and Jennifer Sinclair
Andy and Kim Wiley-Schwartz
Pamela and Steven Schwadron
Rita Schwartz
Daniel Shacknai and Eve Hall
Daniel Singer
Alex Gelinas and Linda Sosnowitz
Richard and Susan Sporer
Phyllis and Marvin Starkman
Jesse and Stefanie Stein
Jordan Stern
Ken Sutak
Laura Szapiro
Grace and Robert Vogel
Steven Waldman and Amy Cunningham
James and Erica Weinberger
Kerri Lyon and Andrew Weinstein
Dory Weiss and Ben Schak
Andy and Kim Wiley-Schwartz
Carolyn and Richard Ziegler

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