Welcoming Our Children into the World

Baby Naming
We name babies at our community Friday night services.  Sometimes the babies and their parents are new to us; sometimes they are the children or grandchildren of members. All are welcome to call us and arrange a date for us to welcome your child into the Jewish community. You will meet with Rabbi Lippe to discuss how the ceremony will work for your family (and to help choose your child’s Jewish name, if you’re not sure what it should be).  

Often the family of the newly-named child hosts the post-services Kidduah.

Brit Milah
For thousands of years, male Jewish children have been welcomed into the Jewish community on the eighth day after birth, via the ritual circumcision known as Brit Milah, at which boys are also called by their Hebrew names for the first time.  
Members are welcome to hold their Brit ceremonies in our Sanctuary.

You can find a mohel at:, or by calling or emailing to our office.

To order a simcha leaf to commemorate the birth of a child, onlinePDF.