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lay leadership

Brooklyn Heights Synagogue is a lay-led community, with a Board of Trustees and an Executive Committee that meet regularly, and with many committees and task forces that take responsibility for events and programs at the Synagogue and in the larger community.

Our members are actively involved in all aspects of the congregation, from organizing events and shaping policies to planning the growth of our community. There is always something to do! We are happy to have our members assume leadership roles by joining a committee, serving on the board, coordinating a program, or volunteering for events. And we are happy just to have our members just be with us whenever we can provide community, comfort, learning, or fun.

Our leaders are also leaders in the Brooklyn Heights community, serving on the boards of the Brooklyn Historical Society, the Brooklyn Kindergarten Society, the Brooklyn Heights Association, the Brooklyn Bar Association, and other local organizations.  Board members can access important files online in the password protected page (please do not access page via internet explorer).

Board of Trustees
David Jaroslaw, President
Andy Berger, Secretary
Anne Landman, Treasurer
Karen Gordon, First Vice President
Marcia Bellows, Vice President
Cliff Fonstein, Vice President
Laura Mardiks, Trustee
Nelson Tebbe, Vice President
Rhonda Epstein, Immediate Past President
Dr. Morrell (Mike) Avram, Honorary Trustee
Alison Besunder, Trustee
Karen Brody, Trustee
Myriam Bucatinsky, Trustee
Greg Clarick, Trustee
Jennifer Germain, Trustee
Jonathan Kopp, Trustee
Babette Krolik, Trustee
Lisa Melmed Cohen, Trustee
Jeff Powers, Trustee
David Smetana, Trustee
Jennifer Zaslow, Vice President
Aaron Zimmerman, Trustee
Zeynep Bromberg, President, BHGSY

Scott Sager, Past President
Melissa Benson, Past President
Harry Greenwald, Past President
Susan Chadick, Past President
Barbara Deinhardt, Past President
Joel Nowak, Past President
Linda Sosnowitz, Past President
Anne T. Landman, Past President
Joyce Raskin, Past President
Judith Fishman, Past President
Herbert Glantz, Past President


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131 Remsen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
t:718.522.2070, f:718.522.3976
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volunteer at BHS shelter

Volunteering at the Shelter is not hard or scary. We give you very clear instructions and there are always people to help.  For more information about our shelter, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .